Here you can find some of the most frequent questions asked about our products divided in several categoriers.



1. Which differences are there with regard to the other technologies existing on the market?

Reinforced concrete gives the idea of sturdiness and flexibility, freedom of choice for form, dimensions and linings. Proteus® has the same guarantees on all these aspects in addition to the rapidity of installation, that r.c. cannot have (even if in the time several systems with prefabricated panels or non-returnable formworks, that make the job more rapid with regard to the classic casting on the construction site, have been developed), and the duration in the time can be even higher because suitable for any typology of ground, even seismic: in case of cracks for movements in the ground, infiltrations that corrode the reinforcement or attack the lining can be created and maintenance can become very problematic, which does not happen with Proteus® panels.



1. What is a system of filtration and circulation of water?

The filtration system and circulation with the chemical treatment is put in place to ensure clean water. It protects the water on several factors, vegetation, insects ... and you can also, if you have the option to regulate your water level.

The main phases for a good move and water purification are:
- The recovery of the water basin (by the skimmer and the overflow chute)
- Filtration
- Disinfection with chemicals
- Returning this water, filtered and processed by mouths back.


2. Which differences are there between a skimmer and an overflow system?

First of all, visually, with a skimmer system we will see that the water level remains about 15 cm below the pool deck, while with an overflow system the water level reaches the pool deck.

Following the phases described above, in the skimmer system water is recovered through openings placed along the upper part of the pool - precisely the skimmers – conveyed towards the filter through pipes, depurated and re-injected through the inlet fittings.
In the overflow system, instead, water that overcomes the border is collected by perimetric channels and conveyed in a balance tank that has to have such a volume as to guarantee the constant water level at the pool deck level and from here taken towards the filter for the depuration end re-injected always through the inlet fittings.



1. How much a pool?

The costs depend on several factors: the size, shape, the water filtration and circulation systems, finishes, accessories and price for the excavation and concrete insole. To get a quote you may contact the distributor nearest the Proteus.


2. The work is there turnkey?

We do the project from A to Z. We carry all of your project and you have only one interlocutor. If you want to minimize costs by using knowledge to the earth, for example, we are preparing the plans for the hole, however, to be charged.


3. What are the annual management fees?

The costs of managing a pool depending on the volume of water in the basin and its filtration system.
The consumption of water, beyond the water that is used to fill the pool is eight to ten cubic meters per season.
At the rehabilitation of your pool, after the winter, the level should be checked and, if necessary, the pool will be emptied and then filled entirely or partially. Obviously the price of water will vary depending on your location.
Energy consumption is linked to the filtration system and headlamps that are immersed in the pool.
The filtration system must operate at least eight hours a day to ensure clean water, even when there is nobody in the water. Consumption and the daily cost is easy to calculate consumption by time and multiplying by the number of hours of operation of filtration.

Consumption of chemicals: the parameters of water to be considered are the pH and chlorine.
Chlorine is today the most effective way to ensure full disinfection.
A swimming pool which is well be 1 gr chlorine for each cubic meter of water. Treatment is by pellets that dissoudent in contact with water or by the powder used periodically.
The cost and quantity of chemicals linked to the number of bathers, type of water in your area and the amount of water in the basin.


4. How long does it take to make a pool?

The assembly of your structure Proteus takes about 15 working days except in case of bad weather which elongated time. It will take approximately 60 to 90 days that your project is reviewed and your tax work accepted.