About us


Exclusive exterior interior is a project of the company PROTEUS s.r.o. Project is aimed at presenting exclusive italian design to slovak and czech customers. Its goal is to offer luxury, best quality, aesthetic, perfect and different design to slovak and czech customers.

Human creativity does not know limits but sometimes just needs to be inspired!

This is a reason why we cooperate with TOP italian producers. They are really DIFFERENT:

  • PROTEUS ®: more than 50 years of experiences  in swimming pools, variability of shapes, colours, finnishing, accessories
  • A.DI ARCOBALENO: safety enclosure for all purposes and for all needs
  • MYYOUR: really different concept of furniture. New, original a fascinating design

More  inspiration for your creativity  you can find in our other project under PROTEUS s.r.o:

Decorative bioethanol and electric fireplaces at: www.carovnyohen.sk