Traditional steps

The steps must ensure convenient and safe pool access. They are normally made of stainless steel, either in a single piece or in two sections, with non-slip submerged treads and the handrail fastened externally. In the case of large pools, more than one set of steps is normally fitted, especially near the diving board.

Roman steps

For entering the water more easily, it is best to fit a set of Roman steps for gradual access and to form a real relaxation area. If so desired, one or more whirlpool benches can be fitted, equipped with relevant inlets. The Roman steps must form part of the original project as a structural part of the pool.


Recessed steps

Fitted in a side recess, similar in use to the Roman steps, but featuring a rectangular profile. Advisable for sportspersons as it allows exploiting the entire breadth of the pool.
Recessed steps have a lower aesthetic impact than Roman steps and the linear design integrates perfectly with more rectilinear shapes.







The stainless steel staircase

Complete manufactured in stainless steel Proteus® panels, it is assembled in the factory, where it is lined with PVC and Softwalk® and with antislip PVC on the steps. The fast assembling time allows to spare installation time on site. The models are: Roman, rectangular and triangular.