I-Pool unit

A brand new system to control and manage the pool, really easy to use thanks to an automatic valve that avoids the usual manual operations such as backwashing, cleaning and maintenance. The i-pool automatic control unit is equipped to operate easily with the chemical metering pumps and the water chemical management. It has a programmable microprocessor and a multiple remote control through which it is possible to manage the filtration and circulation times, the lighting, the water temperature, the accessories as fountains, cascades, pool covers, hydromassage inlets or geysers, and it may be connected to any crepuscular sensors. Furthermore it controls and regulates water temperature.

The remote control allows the management of all the pool parameters both in automatic or manual function. It can be placed, according to the needs, inside or outside, such as under an arcade: it is in fact connected to the main management unit with a simple cable similar to the one used for phone connections. The menu to programme and operate the automatic control unit is very simple and reminds the ones generally used for anti-theft devices or irrigation systems. It is completed with a display for alarms and warnings.

The i-pool automatic control unit is also supplied with an internal security system in case of mistakes or bad functioning in order to avoid damages to pool equipment.

The i-pool automatic control unit allows an exact control of the pool management and is extremely easy to programme and to be used. Anyhow our distributors are at your disposal should you need assistance.