The blind cover

This consists of sturdy hollow PVC slats, welded ultrasonically. It is made according to the shape of the swimming pool and can be integrated in the structure and therefore hidden from sight. It allows reducing heat dispersion and thus extends the period of use of the pool. In the case of indoor pools it reduces evaporation and protects the environments from the damage caused by damp.

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The isothermal cover

Made of light-blue pluriball, lightweight and strong, it is used, either manually or automatically, to cover the pool during the period in which this is used. It reduces evaporation and heat dispersion at a low cost and keeps the surface of the water cleaner.

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The winter cover

Extra-lightweight, in reinforced fabric, the cover for closing the pool in winter is resistant to weather conditions and degradation by UV rays.
It permits keeping the water in such condition that it can be used again in the following season.





Telescopic cover

These prolong the period of use of the pool and fit well into any context, both natural and architectural. The telescopic modules slide one on the other and create a cover-uncover system.