Proteus - Pools

Proteus® represents a real revolution on the swimming-pool market, with unparalleled technical solutions and standards of finish.

Between reinforced concrete and traditional prefabs, Proteus® technology has opened up a third path, which offers the project freedom advantages of concrete together with the building speed associated with prefabs.

Proteus® technology is a modular system based on the use of steel, galvanised or stainless-steel panels onto which is laminated, at high temperature, a layer of extra-hard PVC with a very long life-span.

The structure is self-supporting and quake-proof and can be finely adjusted as regards verticality and level. This is especially important in the case of overflow pools.

Normally the pool is recessed with gravel to achieve perfect integration with the surrounding deck.

Proteus® is the flagship technology intended for an upmarket quality-oriented clientele.
The building speed, flexibility and adaptability to any project, the various aesthetic solutions and superior-standard finishes make Proteus® the technology preferred by leading architects.

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