MyYour - Really Different Furniture

A modern project working in plastic in‐ and outdoor furniture

MYYOUR is the will to generate ideas, make new things happen, express yourself freely, march to your own tune, through innovative furniture solutions

The brand was formed in 2007 when four people with different backgrounds met – a technical manager, an entrepreneur, a creative designer and a marketing professional – giving rise to a working group whose mission is one of imagination and creativity, rooted in ten years' experience in the plastics processing sector.

MYYOUR products are the fruit of original design work, and their unmistakable strengths lie in the skilful use of production technologies and in winning design.

The resulting polyethylene furniture products feature a distinctive lightness, essential forms and a variety of colours, a perfect blend of elegance, style and practicality. These eclectic pieces are conceived to furnish both out‐ and indoors, offering a contemporary take on furnishing, where in‐ and outdoors form a single space in which to live without stylistic barriers.

Each product has its own distinct personality, and allows you to create relaxing corners in a multitude of contexts, fitting in perfectly, even in a fashionable bar or a modern spa.

Community, a set of table and shaped, ergonomic chairs that together form a single block of clean shapes in the most fashionable range of solid colours; Cloe, Zoe and Cotton On, the range of elegant and ultra‐light deckchairs and sun‐loungers; Dyno, a revolutionary outdoor shower that makes a real feature, combining practicality and technology with daring design; the Miss Petra armchair, a harmony of sinuous curves and surfaces that are a joy both to touch and to behold (also available in the refined leather covering version); the Tulip and Bonsai lamps, lively and scenographic; the modular system Modì; the Tao vases, whose armonic shapes can be arranged in infinite ways; the innovative Mr. Lem stool‐table which can be stacked; Chips, the set of chairs, stools and benches with ethereal lines; Gigio and Bagigio , distinctly contemporary modular elements: all these pieces interpret the desires of sophisticated, cosmopolitan individuals who enjoy being surrounded by elements with a forceful personality, that will bestow a unique character on their setting.

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