Low - Ecopractic Plus

Cheap and functional, these are the ideal enclosures for small-sized pools.Models with small overall dimensions, which guarantee the
slightest visual impact and a quite easy integration with the surroundings.These models also allow to secure the pool with no risk of being
an obstacle whatsoever.Our small-sized enclosures allow the heat of the sun filtering in, creating an effective protection from bugs and
preventing seaweeds and mold from growing inside the pool.
- min: 5200 x 10515 mm, height internal min: 923 mm; max: 7200 x 14637 mm, height internal min: 1085 mm
- medium-low enclosure, arched profile with lateral uprights (arched section profile 94 mm), minimal space, max. functionality and resistance
Standard configuration:
- roof with alveolar polycarbonate, fixed walls with transparent polycarbonate and with no openings, lateral transparent bent polycarbonate.
Standard colours:
- white (RAL 9010), green (RAL 6005), ivory (RAL 1013).
Ecopractic Plus Options:
- Non-standard colours (RAL Code)
- Roof with transparent polycarbonate
- Non-standard width - 8700 mm maximum external width of the biggest element
- Non-standard lenght - shorter elements
- Removable small wall
- Removable big wall
- Vasistas window - on wall
- Sliding door - on wall
- Lateral door with horizontal sliding - available on the first and last element
- Lift up window - on fixed wall only
- Lift up brush - height 100 mm; available on fixed or removable wall
- Tracks
- Engine
- Arrangment of the engine - compulsory option for a possible future motorization. 
  Otherwise a following addition of the engine will not be possible
- Fast lock-down system (complete set)
- Polidéco - 70x215 cm (each element)
- Additional elements