Energy triple

Our company has designed and built a new model of telescopic cover: "Energy triple."For the sports center "Club Natación Banyoles" (Girona), The cover is made from n.5 sliding modules of length 6.65 m each and no. 1 module fixed length of 4.46 m for a total size external pariah 37.31 m long and 22.62 m wide. The new profiles struts are made by extrusion of aluminium alloy 6005A-UNI9006-1 and appear to be of 2 types: external profile dimensions and internal profile coupled 240x105mm size 240x130mm. The system of elements grouped in one single module sliding length of 6.65 m, allows us to minimize the overall dimensions in width of the cover over, while maintaining the dimensions in length envisaged. For the support and handling of the cover is provided a new track system made ​​of extruded aluminium and drowned in the floor with their bogies to 8 wheels fixed to the sliding modules and easily detachable. Work is finished, and with covering packaged, you will see only the slits of width 26mm in correspondence of each module sliding. These loopholes can be plugged temporarily by special aluminium snap profiles with slip seal. Currently the hedge is expected to be moved manually, but the preparation is already equipped to receive any future automatic movement with low voltage motors powered by solar panels.