About company

A. di. Arcobaleno

Thanks to the experience and the competence acquired from a long period working in the production of telescopic enclosures, A. di Arcobaleno is a leader trademark in this sector.
The rich range of enclosures can satisfy Customer's specific needs and meet the demand of big athletic facilities.
Competence, expertise, high quality and details-care: these are the fundamental values of A. di Arcobaleno.



Our telescopic enclosures have a structure in aluminium and polycarbonate.
A. di Arcobaleno studied and optimized production processes and has the exclusive possession on technologies used in working aluminium (technical properties, production tools and machinery). These processes take place using modern numerical control machinery.


Energy Saving

Thanks to the interlocking system between the elements and to the high quality materials,  A. di Arcobaleno telescopic enclosures optimize the natural greenhouse effect, increasing water and surroundings temperature. In this way, you can use your swimming pool more days a year, even by night, and you can save money for the heating.




Don’t worry about children and pets; our enclosures guarantee the top security of your swimming pool: there are safety locks on each element and on doors and windows, so that you can limit the access as you want. Moreover, the polycarbonate panels are made of an accident-preventing material.
Our enclosures don't need any tracks on the ground: this is an important detail. There is no risk to stumble and to hurt; as you close the enclosure, you don't have any obstacle.




A. di Arcobaleno telescopic enclosures guarantee a better cleanness of your pool and the surroundings: they protect your swimming pool from atmospheric agents, such as the rain or the wind,  insects, animals, leaves and branches.  
Moreover, filtering UV rays, our enclosure reduce the development of weeds and micro-organisms.




The quality has a primary rule in our factory: we study and evaluate with care each project to meet your needs and to find the best solution, both for the technical and the aesthetical aspect.
Details show the solidity and the reliability that characterize our enclosures:

  • Each polycarbonate sheet inserts into aluminium profiles and is protected by dutral gaskets on both sides ; the double basket avoid the access of the water inside the polycarbonate and the profiles.
  • There are double brushes with stainless steel base around each element to guarantee the best cleanness.
  • The fixing stirrups are made of die-cast aluminum to mantain the aesthetical elegance of the structure and to assure the best resistance to atmospheric agents; they are fixed to the soil with safety locks.
  • Screws and accessories are of stainless steel AISI 316 A4.
  • The polycarbonate made by a world leader mark, is refined to resist to UV rays on both sides.
  • To assure the maximum load and duration, each profile has die-cast aluminium angles; these angles are covered with an apposite garment profile to offer an optimal design.
  • Our enclosures have an excellent stability and they are very easy to move, even without ground rails



Obtaining the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification is a proof of A. di Arcobaleno's high quality standards.
The most important purpose of our quality management system is the Customer satisfaction; this is the reason why our Company optimize the productive processes to meet the Customer's needs in a efficient way.

Certification of environmental management ISO 14001
The certification according to the ISO 14001 isn't fixed, but it is a result of a voluntary choise of our entreprise. It wants to improve the environmental management, to keep under control the environmental impacts of our activities.
The business mission in relation to the environment is a formal engagement into the research of the coherent, effective and sustainable improvement.